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Douglas, 16, brazilian, not forever alone haha and I like/love many things. My posts are based on my POINT OF VIEWS and thoughts, they're not exactly me or dedicated to someone else. The happiest girls/boys are surely the most beautiful, laughter is the best we have, and confidence is always an obligation. Make me laugh and I'll love you forever. The beauty is a gift that no one can take from you. dream. life. hope. I'm one of the best people you'll ever know. but I have a side that you'll never want to see. I have a great attitude, you'll learn how to love me within sometime. No, I don't follow back. Yes, if you ask me I can take a look at your Tumblr. Need an advice? Talk to me ^_^

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The painting reaching the sculpture… love it

The painting reaching the sculpture… love it

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Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter » collabs

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I’m never in perfect mood, if you two thought that I was

The moultanno tree has a girl living there.

You’re a WITCH! A fucking witch! That’s what the girl is. I’m not sweet talking, I’m very very very mad at you! Who the hell you think you are? OH FUCK! Why does people like me always end up burning and melting and dieing while rivering always, getting straight into an universe full of sadness and madness and disappointment and anger and hate, HATE!
I’m tired of this mountain file to scale and come down and scale, because no fucking top is a top if the moultanno tree isn’t there to give you shadow and peace and tranquility. And the fucking moultanno tree is born and rises and evolves from the most poisonouss heart in da world cause you have no dignity to love or to be loved or to care enough or to be cared as much as you are by me.
Godamn, where the fuck have I flown to?
In times I was desperate, in times my wings could do nothing but make me fall apart, the fucking moultanno tree was there to receive me and to care me and to feed my heart and soul and ether. The moultanno tree gave me the soft shadow and the cool breeze and the delicious coloured fruits. BUT THEY WERE POISONED! You poisoned the fruits and the leaves and the branches and all I saw and felt and believed to be home was my most burning hell!
You poisoned me.
But I asked for it. I asked the bird to support the mountains. I wanted the mountains to run. I wanted ‘em to come back, barely they were gone. My frequences went just so outta control!
Now I’m hurt cause I asked the flowers to dry and to fall and to die. And the mountain went away hoping I’d still polinize the moultanno tree just so it would drown it apart from me. I’ve stopped. It went bad. But it changed. No longer the moultanno tree could be healthy. No longer the bird can sing through its airs.
And I bleed waiting for the day the mountain falls and grow and show the world the most beautiful moultanno tree that belongs with me. The moultanno tree, so different it’d be tagged a new name. A hereditarian name. My tanno tree.
Maybe I should just bet to land and to stay and to love in the spanwhites tree.
But now I long for the mutant moultanno tree. The cured moultanno tree. The sweet tanno tree.

Douglas Eidrib Doirh Rinne Mattos

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"And maybe my dreams are getting down again and my reasons being pulled out from me just because I’m again near the moultanno tree.
Would that be?" 

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"I automatically assume people won’t like me, so I don’t talk to them unless they approach me first. I can’t become a part of a crowd because I can’t get past that feeling that I don’t belong." 

Me, really me
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